Membership Fee10,000 yen(tax included)
pay when sign up
Admission Fee3,500yen(tax included)
pay before the auction
Consigning Fee Bag Auction
No consigning fee
4% of the hammer price
※Reserve price should be above 20,000yen
Service charge of winning the bid Bag Auction
10% of the hammer price(tax included)
※Membership fee,the yearly membership fee,transfer charge of the auction object will be paid by members themselves,auction firm will pay the fee which should be paid from auction firm to the seller.


  • Treat every single bid carefully
  • It is possible to carry on the auction day and exhibit
  • You can be assured of cash flow because it is cash settlement


1.Auction Date

(1) In principle twice a month,the second and the forth Tuesday of the month.
(2) We will inform when we change the date.


(1) 10 AM. Sometimes will change according to the specific circumstances.


(1) Tokyo Minatoku Hamamatsucho 2-8-14 Hamamatsucho TS Building 5th Floor(東京都港区浜松町2-8-14浜松町TSビル5階).

4.Membership Fee

(1) 10,000yen(tax included),pay in full when sign up.

5.Admission Fee

(1) 3,500yen each time(tax included),pay when take part in the auction.

6.Service Charge

(1) The service charge will be different according to the hammer price.

Bag Auction

No consigning fee
4% of the hammer price(※Reserve price should be above 20,000yen)
Service charge of winning the bid will be 10% of the hammer price(tax included)

When a member deals in an auction, it will be thought that the member will pay the corresponding fee automatically.

(2) Membership fee, the yearly membership fee, transfer charge of the auction object will be paid by members themselves,auction firm will pay the fee which should be paid from auction firm to the seller.

7. Excise

(1) Tax-included price.

8. Settlement

(1) The settlement of the buyer and the auction firm needs to be settled in cash on the auction day. Credit will be refused. However, if the liquidation cannot be done on the auction day, the auction objects will be sent after payment is made in the future. Please complete all transfer procedures within 3 business days of the bank.
(2) Settlement between the seller and the auction firm will be settled within 3 banking business days from the next day of the auction. The auction firm will deduct the relevant fee from the hammer price and transfer the money to the seller registered bank account.
(3) When members and auction firm conduct face-to-face settlement at the same time, they will be liquidated by offsetting settlement.
(4) Please use the following bank account.

金融機関名:きらぼし銀行 茅場町支店
口座名義:株式会社 オリンポスセブン 代表取締役 石井 竜二

9.Negotiation After the Auction

(1) The negotiation process due to the inability to distinguish from the surface will be within 2 weeks from the next day of the auction date. Overdue negotiation request will not be accepted. More information in 11. Consignation and 12. Win the Bidding.
In addition, if the identification reply of the manufacture was late, it is possible to extend the negotiation deadline after the judgement of auction firm.


(1) Sellers should send the auction objects and the auction application form together until noon of the auction day. It is the best to send on the previous day of the auction day.
(2) In principle, auction objects are traded at current prices. When it is necessary to set the minimum manner price, please set it above 20,000yen. Don’t forget to record in the auction application form. In addition ,the negotiation of the auction objects without the reserve prices set by the sellers will not be accepted. If there is a big difference between the reserve price and the bid estimation according to the auction, it may be requested to change the reserve price.
(3) Mechanical watches require the warranty of sellers. And the quartz watches should be operated by the seller before bidding. When it is no battery inside the seller should change the battery then after the confirmation of operation, it can be auctioned,
(4) If the seller could not show the operation of watch,Please record 「Operation not confirmed」in the auction application form.
(5) When the seller record diamond bezel, bracelet diamond, dial diamond etc. The auction firm will regard it as the originals. In addition, If the seller did not record「after processing」,and the auction firm find that it is an after processing object. The auction object will be negotiated after the auction.
(6) Rolex’s style recorded in the auction application form will be guaranteed by the seller.
(7) When sellers want to auction the watches with special features such as permanent calendar, they need to tell the operation in advance.
(8) When the auction objects are wrapped around the protective tape, in order to confirm, the auction firm may peel off the tape. In the case of new product that can not remove the tape, please inform the firm immediately.
(9) Content can not be negotiated after the auction. When it is recorded in the application form with “K18” and other gold content of the records, it required the producer’s warranty.
(10) When the auction object is jewelry, the weight needs to be measured out by the seller and at the same time need to be recorded in the application form.
(11) Please record in the application form if the sellers know that the jewelry is after filling, coloring, bonding and other synthetic treatments.
(12) Color stones will be auctioned according to the information in the auction application form. If the identification result is different from the information in the form it will be negotiated after the auction.
(13) Diamond above 0.5 carats, color stone above 3.0 carats need the warranty of the seller.
(14) The price of diamonds need to be calculated with carats and the price per carat.
(15) Such as ivory products, will not be auctioned under the Protection of Animals Act and the perspective of protecting rare species.
(16) When the successful bidder is judged as non-genuine goods, stolen goods, or lost goods after the auction. It will be returned even after the expiration of the negotiation deadline.
(17) When there are flaws which are not easily be found from the appearance on the auction object, it will be negotiated after the auction.
(18) When the action object has an accessory, it must be recorded in the auction application form, and there is no guarantee for the accessory that is not recorded.
(19) In the case of the seller wants to cancel the auction, or the return process of the objects need to be returned judged by auction firm, in principle, will all be conducted after the auction. The cancellation of the objects after winning the bid will not be allowed. The return shipping fee will be paid by the seller.
(20) Because of the particularity of auction, it is likely that the price of the auction object has to be lowered.
(21) Because of the particularity of auction, during the observation in the auction observers may scuff or scratch the auction object, in which case there is no way to compensate.
(22) Returns of auction objects and unsuccessful auction objects, insurance fee, will be paid by sellers.

11.Win the Bid

(1) Don’t use jargon when bidding. Say the bidding number clearly. Do not use gesture to bid.
(2) The bid increment will be 10%.
(3) The hammer price is the after-tax price.
(4) If you have a partner on the auction day, you need to inform the auction firm in advance. In principle, each company will get 2 seats at most.
(5) Mechanical watch need the seller’s warranty. Case body, band, diamond decorative part, especially the objects without the warranty of the seller, please look carefully before bidding. After winning the bid, Items that can be observed and examined (calendar, chronograph, crown, unclean dial, damaged bands, dial scratches, external hands, external bands, external components) will not accept the requests about repair fee, exchange fee, bargain negotiations after the auction.
(6) Antique clocks and their accompanying long vintage clocks are all based on the appearance. And after negotiation will not be accepted.
(7) Because it is the auction of the second-hand mechanical watches, the accuracy of the watch cannot be guaranteed.(The negotiation of the watch accuracy will not be accepted)
(8) Bulk selling watches are based on the appearance.
(9) Tools cannot be used during checking the auction objects.
(10) The price of diamonds need to be calculated with carats and the price per carat.
(11) The negotiation of Rhodium plating, the processing and resizing of other company will not be accepted.
(12) If the identification result of coral and pearl size are different from the information in the form, it will be negotiated after the auction.
(13) The brands such as Chrome Hearts whose objects cannot be confirmed by the manufacturer, even the information is recorded in the form, will not be negotiated.
(14) As the basis for judging the negotiation of this auction, the following two institutions will conduct the identification, Central Gem Laboratory and Gem Research Japan(GRJ)
When the results of the identification of the two agencies are inconsistent with those of other agencies, the test results of the two agencies will be prioritized(※The result from Central Gem Laboratory will be prioritized when there is a difference between the two agencies)
(15) The costs of identifications and testimonials will be paid by buyers. But if the result is different from the auction application form, the seller will pay the costs.
(16) Auction day, when the buyer has to correct the price, please explain the reason at the auction.
(17) The highest price from the bidders will become the last transaction price.
(18) After winning the bid, the costs of returning freight, insurance and other costs will be paid by the buyer.
(19) All the objects are sellers’ own goods, please be careful when checking.


(1) In principle, the price negotiation of the reserved auction object will be continued until the end of the auction. Sometimes it will not be negotiated because of lack of time.
(2) If the bidder has to adjust the information of the reserved auction object, please contact the auction firm before the auction firm negotiates with the buyer. overdue application will not be accepted.
(3) If there is a big difference between hammer price and the reserve price, after judging the auction firm can cancel the auction.
(4) During observation, please be careful. Intentional damage, injury may be claimed for compensation.
(5) The transaction data and membership information of this auction will be used by our group as important information based on market analysis and improvement of this auction.


(1) If the specification need to be corrected, the auction firm will immediately modify it. The notification will be sent to members, or be posted on the website.
(2) All the rules will be used from 12th September 2017.


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FAX 03-6697-9387
緊急連絡先 090-9679-7077